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Tiemco Ring Hackle Plier

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128.76 lei 117.06 lei

Tiemco is well known in fly tying world as one of the best Japanese producer of fly tying tools and hooks. The Ring Hackle Plier from Tiemco has a simple  and unique design and is made of high quality materials. The Ring hackle plier is perfect for travel,  and is developed for delicate and very delicate feathers ( like small partridge feathers,  small cdc feathers, delicate hackle or very small dry fly hackles )


  • the plier is connected with the ring by an elastic to keep the hackle safe
  • the pliers jaws are specially made to prevent the breaking or twisting the feather
  • easy to use, is a perfect tool for small and delicate feathers
  • silicone soft tips applied on the jaws
  • made in Japan

Producator : Tiemco Japan


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