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Premium Female Mallard Duck Complete Skin

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157.76 lei

Our Premium skins like this one: Mallard Premium Female Duck Complete Skin are only from game birds. All these skins are from beautiful birds with Winter changed feathers (means bright, elastic and high density feathers ).
Each skin is air dried carefully and contain the complete tail, heads and feathers from leg parts. Each skin is carefully prepared by a our hunters specialized in taxidermy process . Then Each skin is air dried for more than 6hours in controlled environment ( humidity and temperature should be balanced other wise the skin will start the rotting process and will start smelling ugly )
Mallard feathers can be used for salmon flies, wet flies, loch flies, cold saltwater flies, fresh water and river flies. From a while, Tenkara fishermen started to use hen feathers for classic Tenkara flies because it seems that these feathers behaves fantastic in water. The feathers have a perfect pulsation when they get wet!

Out of stock


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