Poze Varivas Fly Fishing Hooks 2210

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Varivas Fly Fishing Hooks 2210

SKU: Varivas Fly Fishing Hooks 2210

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Varivas Fly Fishing Hooks 2210 is a model with the same shape like BL2200 but with micro barb. The color of hook wire is mat bronze. These hooks are perfect for tying dry flies and emergers. In a short period of time these new hooks started to be very popular in fly tying world due to high quality and unique shapes.

Technical Details:

  • Eye – slightly down
  • Wire- 2x fine
  • Lenght-1x Short
  • Shape-Special Curved with very short straight shank
  • Finish- Mat bronze
  • Point: Micro Barb
  • 30pcs/bag

Detalii produs


Producator: Varivas

Cod produs - SKU: Varivas Fly Fishing Hooks 2210

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