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Rabbit Dubbing By Flysofishing

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Mad Rabbit Dubbing Plus is new, nice and efficient in the same manner like our classic Mad Rabbit Dubbing. Is made based on the same recipe:hair fibers from Transylvanian mask hand cut and dyed. We added an extra synthetic dubbing with UV reflexes to increase the visibility when you use it for nymphs, especially for deep heavy flies used in deep pools to catch big trout and big grayling.
We test it together with our Pro Staff and we are enthusiastic about it!

Technical Details:

  • made of hair fibers cut by hand from hare mask only
  • it dubs easy
  • is spiky and short with nice colors
  • is perfect for nymphs, emergers and even for making torax for dry flies
  • contain an extra UV synthetic dubbing to increase the visibility in ┬ádirty waters or very deep pools

Detalii produs

Categorie: DUBBING

Producator: Flysofishing

Cod produs - SKU: Rabbit Dubbing By Flysofishing



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